How visible is your site is on the Search Engines?
by Zimmerman Honda January 17, 2018 Marketing, Backlink

There are many ways to market a business on the Internet today. But unquestionably, the most important to any business’s success is how visible that business is when potential customers perform searches related to their business’s products or services.

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At Being Seen 360 we treat the SEO process like we're building a house.
by Zimmerman Honda January 15, 2018 Marketing, Backlink

Believe it or not, some clients are not the best fit for us. Most times it is when the client is in a small market, selling physical goods, and has no local competition. Being Seen 360 believes that regardless of the market size, your website should have visibility on 50% of the terms. If not, then something has to change.

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How Do You Get Started with Pay Per Click?
by Dave Apps November 13, 2017 Marketing, Backlink
Strategies for a Successful Paid Search Campaign

Doing paid search for some dealerships may seem like you are throwing money into a cash register and never actually buying anything. The best way to avoid this is to walk before you run and work closely with your vendor to set a clear objective.

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Dealerships: Improve ROI by Figuring Out Your Digital Marketing Budget
by Dave Apps August 8, 2017 Marketing, Backlink

Automotive Dealers have dramatically increased their spending in the digital space, however they still struggle with understanding what each digital entity is and does. Below are buckets of how we would recommend categorizing a digital marketing budget.

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Using On-Site Content to Drive Organic Listings
by Dave Apps August 8, 2017 Marketing, Backlink

Being Seen 360 understood that a dealership with a low visibility ranking would have a lot of ground to make up. Being a top organic search engine optimization firm in Chicago, IL comes with the responsibility of providing results. At the beginning of this campaign SEO statistics were very low for Zimmerman Honda.

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