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At Being Seen 360 we treat the SEO process like we're building a house.

Step 1: Find the land

Establish if the client needs our services.

Believe it or not, some clients are not the best fit for us. Most times it is when the client is in a small market, selling physical goods, and has no local competition. Being Seen 360 believes that regardless of the market size, your website should have visibility on 50% of the terms. If not, then something has to change.

Even if a client is visible on 50% of the terms, many times we can provide a more cost-effective solution.

Step 2: Pour the foundation

Establish the keywords and/or competition you want to steal market share from.

Being Seen 360 runs a competitive landscape report, analyzing what keywords you rank for and which ones your competition ranks with. We look at that along with sales and market share to establish the keywords that are most essential to give your site a boost in the rankings on key search engines.

Step 3: Build the Rooms

Create the hierarchy in which pages will be built.

Like a house, SEO content should be built with strategy. The most important elements search engines look for are relevance and the relationship between the pages we build. As the pages or rooms get built, we want to make sure each one leads to another. Imagine going into a room in the house and not being able to get out. You wouldn’t like it and neither does Google.

Step 4: Put up the drywall

Establish interlinking between the pages.

In a house, the drywall and the hallways help guide you from room to room. Throughout the internet, that’s what interlinking does. Interlinking will guide search engines (and human users) from one page to the next. Interlinking helps establish credibility and relevance which assists in establishing strong SEO rankings. Interlinking must also have a strategy. Being Seen 360 has the experience to determine how many links should be done per number of words on a page and where the linking should occur.

At Being Seen 360 we treat the SEO process like we’re building a house.
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Dave Apps

Dave has been located in Chicago his entire life and has grown up in the car business. From mechanic to general manager, he moved on to start Apps Communications over 20 years ago as the expert on all things Internet for car dealers. Since then, Apps Communications has grown to service businesses large and small in nearly every industry of the private sector.

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