Search Engine Listings Chicago

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Search Engine Listings Chicago

Local SEO by Being Seen 360 increases internet presence on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.

What can BeingSeen360 due for your business? Well, if you are trying to sell your products or services in Chicago, you need more than just a website. The reality is that people are more likely to visit your establishment if they find you on the first page of the search engine listings Chicago residents perform before they buy. It doesn’t matter what type of business you have. The chances are good that your potential customers are searching online for your product or service before they make the decision of where to go.

It has been proven by a variety of studies, including our own analysis (specifically for car dealerships), that the higher search engine listings Chicago companies have the bigger the sales. So where does BeingSeen360 come into the picture? It’s simple. We are experts at getting our client’s website to rank at the top on the big three search engines: Google, Bing, and Yahoo. There are a lot of businesses out there that are very aware of the importance of an online presence that is easily visible to potential customers on the first page of a search. However, many of these companies are spending thousands of dollars paying for ads on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. to show up on the important first page.

BeingSeen360 wants you to know that there is a better way. In fact, the problem with buying ads on search engines is really three-fold. First, you will always have to purchase the ads. When you don’t buy the ads, the search engine listings Chicago residents will find will be your competition. This means less traffic to your site and more business for the other guy or gal. This translates into lower sales. The second issue with this method is “are you focusing your money on the right keywords to drive the most traffic to your site?” This is tricky. If you want ads for the most popular search terms, be prepared to pay the exuberant price to be at the top of the page. Finally, you may be paying for ads that aren’t providing you with the search engine listings Chicago traffic that’s right for your website. No matter how you look at it, buying ads on search engines is a costly endeavor, but BeingSeen360 has a more proficent way.

At BeingSeen360, we take a better approach. We analyze your market and work to improve your organic search results using a multitude of keyword articles, so you can get the biggest impact. Once you have an article on your site, it is there working for you until you decide to remove it. This means the search engine listings Chicago residents get will include your organization, because the article is driving traffic to your site. Because the article remains on your site, you continue to reap the benefits of that search term for years. Is there a catch? Yes and no. The article will slowly lose its impact on the search engine, because it will start to be considered “outdated.”

This is why BeingSeen360 continues to include new material for our customers that use our search engine listings Chicago services. Our experts will create a plan for your organization that includes keeping your content fresh, focusing on the right keywords, and covering all of the bases. By covering all of the bases, we mean that we will go beyond the most common search engine terms and phrases. BeingSeen360 will work with you to drive business to your website based on your current focus. If you want to bring in business from a specific neighborhood or city, we can work on search engine listings Chicago customers from those regions. Give us a call today to learn more about how BeingSeen360 can help you get the organic rankings you want for your website.

Search Engine Rankings Chicago

Organic Search, SEO

Search Engine Rankings Chicago

Search Engine Rankings Chicago, IL

BeingSeen360 is all about improving search engine rankings Chicago businesses need to drive traffic to their website. Many of our clients don’t realize that the search engine listings Chicago residents find on Google, Bing, and Yahoo have a major impact on the amount of traffic your website receives. More importantly, search engine rankings have a huge impact on the ability to gain new customers and drive higher sales. Of course, you could spend thousands of dollars a month on Google Ads, but you may not be getting the right people visiting your site. In addition, the keywords you are purchasing ads for can be very expensive for the best options, while the less expensive alternatives are probably not worth the money.

BeingSeen360 isn’t saying that Google Ads don’t have their place in improving website traffic, but we feel there is a more effective and less expensive approach. We work to turn traffic into viable leads using organic search engine rankings Chicago businesses will benefit from for years. You see with an organic approach, you don’t pay for Google Ads. You pay for quality articles from BeingSeen360 that provide customers with valuable information, while utilizing carefully chosen keywords to get the search engine rankings Chicago companies want to see. We’re talking first page listings for your site from articles that will always be there.

When you purchase Google Ads, you have to focus on a small number of keywords. The effectiveness of these keywords is determined by how much you are willing to pay for the best options, and the reality is you may not be choosing the right focus. This means you’re paying a ton of money for keywords that are bringing the wrong people to your website. BeingSeen360 uses an intricate approach that utilizes analysis of the market and well-written organic content to drive traffic to your site without paying for ads. This is a much more cost-effective approach to getting great search engine rankings Chicago companies depend on to bring in new customers.

BeingSeen360 has been helping with the search engine rankings Chicago companies depend on. In fact, we created an unduplicated and unmatched approach that implements organic content, proper analysis, and SEO experts to develop a system that works amazingly well. You can check out some of the case studies on this site to see how successful our approach is. The best thing about our program is it allows you to focus on specific products, neighborhoods, cities, etc. We can help you bring in the right people, so you can translate visitors to your site into additional sales.

Our Analytics & Reporting is one of the specialty services that BeingSeen360 offers that the competition can’t match. This is more than just simple SEO Chicago companies have been using for years. We will work with you to create a carefully targeted plan for your search engine rankings Chicago requirements. We have the ability to provide SEO services to any industry, because we have quality writers that work for us in the United States, and not in an article mill overseas.

BeingSeen360 understands the importance of ensuring the content on your site has a positive effect on your business. We ensure that the search engine rankings Chicago companies benefit from through posted articles are a good reflection on your organization. While we need to focus on the keyword as the most important part of the puzzle, the content must be informative and add, not detract from your website. BeingSeen360 has the staff, years of experience, and our own formula that has been getting our customers results for years. Give us a call today, so we can help you grow your business.

SEO Chicago

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SEO Chicago

SEO Experts Serving Chicago, IL

BeingSeen360 has a unique approach to the SEO Chicago businesses need, so they can drive business to their website. We have lots of experience helping customers improve the search engine rankings Chicago residents use to make purchasing decisions. We implement a different approach than other organizations. We have created a tried-and-true program that utilizes analytics & reporting to determine the best SEO method for each customer.

BeingSeen360 also has plans that incorporate social media options to really get your business the spotlight you want it to have. We know that companies struggle with the constant changes that happen within the Google ranking system. Many of these organizations have resorted to using Google Ads to ensure they get the SEO Chicago rankings they want to achieve. However, BeingSeen360 wants to help you cut the Google Ad budget out of your financial plan for good. You can read our case studies online to see how we were able to help other companies get great SEO Chicago rankings using an organic approach.

What do we mean by “organic”? BeingSeen360 uses an innovative analysis of the keywords associated with your business. Then we post original articles that have been written with specific keywords in mind. Google loves to see great content on a site, so your website starts to rise in the SEO Chicago market. Of course, if it were as easy as writing an article and posting it, everyone would be doing it. There is an exact science to the entire process.

BeingSeen360 has a full staff that is dedicated solely to working on SEO Chicago needs. These individuals work together to ensure your site moves up the page on the big three search engines: Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This process can also be tailored to fit your needs. Are you trying to sell more widgets to people in Chicago? Well, we can use SEO Chicago methods to ensure your website is one of the first people see, when they’re looking for widgets in Chicago. Guess what that kind of traffic can do to your widget sales in Chicago? That’s right! It can greatly increase your sales.

The reasoning is simple. What is the first thing people do when they are looking to purchase something or hire someone to perform a service? They head to their smartphone, tablet, or laptop and start searching. The right SEO Chicago terms and format will ensure that they find your website at the top of that search, which increases the odds that they will visit your site. Because we use high-quality writers for our search engine optimization needs, BeingSeen360 customers benefit from the pull the article can have on the audience.

If someone in the area searches for widgets and there are several widget dealers in the area, which one will they choose? They will start comparing widgets that are being sold by the first few companies in the search, which is why great SEO Chicago is so important. Then they will choose the site that has the content that draws them in to learn more. BeingSeen360 knows that you have to have the full approach to SEO if you want it to be effective. Our case studies available on this site will show you some examples of how we get traffic moving in your website’s direction. You can keep paying for Google Ads, guessing about what the right keyword is, and focusing your time on your website, or you can contact BeingSeen360 for SEO Chicago businesses can depend on. Let us do what we are great at…getting your site ranking, so you can focus on what you are great at!

Search Engine Listings Aurora IL

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Search Engine Listings Aurora IL

SEO Experts Serving Aurora, IL

The search engine listings Aurora IL businesses depend on to get their website noticed are a crucial part of any marketing campaign. However, not all SEO companies are created equal. BeingSeen360 has years of experience with proven results. You can read our case studies to see how we were able to help businesses just like your site breakthrough to the coveted first page of Google searches. Our unique method has been developed through countless hours of research to understand the complicated algorithms that Google and other search engines use to determine were search engine listings Aurora IL businesses are trying to target will need to be effective.

At BeingSeen360, we have a team of experts that will work on a plan of action, create quality content, and implement our unique methods to get your website noticed by the customers you are trying to reach. We know there are a lot of companies that feel like buying Google Ads is the way to go. However, you are probably spending way too much for search engine listings Aurora IL residents may never see. With the BeingSeen360 approach, we utilize a combination of original content tailored to your market with our unduplicated formulations to ensure that you get customers visiting your website that will translate into sales, rather than random clicks on paid ads. The search engine listings Aurora IL businesses have achieved through our process is impressive.

In addition to SEO services, BeingSeen360 can help you with your social media needs, as well. We understand that having a website isn’t enough these days. You must have a full social media platform that works in conjunction with your website if you really want to see improved sales from your efforts. With the search engine listings Aurora IL organizations will get from our SEO services combined with a solid social media campaign, your business could finally see the profits you’ve always dreamed of achieving.

It’s important that companies understand that we use a totally organic approach, so there’s no fear of repercussions from Google for trying to beat the game. Instead, we use Google’s methods to our advantage, so your site continues to reap the benefits through proper analysis and ongoing fresh content. BeingSeen360 realizes that it’s hard to be patient, when you are trying to make a living, but you have to wait for the magic to happen with your rankings. However, the search engine listings Aurora IL companies gain from our organization provide long-term results, as long as you work through our program.

BeingSeen360 will work with you to make adjustments to your keyword needs as your website rises to the top. This allows you to focus on new markets, promote new products, or highlight new programs as they become a priority. The ongoing approach is just part of what makes our SEO services more effective than the competition. It’s no secret that brick & mortar stores are fading away, and everyone is conducting business over the Internet. If you want your business to be successful, a great website is just the beginning, because it doesn’t matter how wonderful your site is if no one is visiting it.

When customers are looking at search engine listings Aurora IL businesses are showing up on the first page. Where is your website in comparison? If you aren’t on the first page of Google, you might as well not have a site. You could be losing business every day simply because you don’t rank high enough in your potential customer searches. BeingSeen360 can change that and get the search engine listings Aurora IL companies need to succeed. Call us today to learn more.

Search Engine Optimization Chicago

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Search Engine Optimization Chicago

How to get started with PPC by Being Seen 360 Chicago SEO and Digital Marketing

The search engine optimization Chicago businesses use to improve traffic to their website is tricky business. It’s almost impossible for the layman to get the results that will translate into higher sales. Some companies spend thousands of dollars on Google ads, only to see mediocre improvements. In order to get the most out of search engine optimization Chicago companies need to turn to the professionals at BeingSeen360. We have years of experience working with the intricacies that surround the optimization process. We can help you get seen by the people you want to target to buy your products or services.

At BeingSeen360, we provide a search engine optimization Chicago plan that works for your business and budget. We utilize years of experience dealing with the big search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, so we understand the interworkings of their complicated algorithms used to decide organic rankings. What is organic ranking? Every time you see a company on the first page of an online Google, Bing, or Yahoo search, it means that search engine optimization Chicago tactics have been implemented to get in the prime positions where customers will find them before the competition. Part of this process requires creating content that focuses on specific keywords. These keywords are based on several factors.

This is where BeingSeen360 excels. We have formulated specific analytics and reports that we use to help our customers get the ranking they want to get more visitors to their site, which means higher revenues. It is a meticulous method that has taken us years to perfect. Through our search engine optimization Chicago program, we can help local business get the most for their money. We work with each customer to create a plan of attack for your websites ranking. We can also adjust your program at any time to focus on a specific target market, product, promotion, or any other information you want people to know about. BeingSeen360 works with you to ensure you are seeing results, because our business doesn’t grow unless yours does.

With the right search engine optimization Chicago companies have an opportunity to broaden their visibility into other markets beyond this area. This is because BeingSeen360 has a process that works within Chicago, but it also provides the same affect outside of Chicago, Chicagoland, Illinois, or even the United States. We implement a steady stream of content and other trade secrets to move your website higher and higher on the search engine results.

Through search engine optimization Chicago organizations can improve their sales and adjust the approach as needed to ward off competition, boost orders of a specific product, or increase purchases of a particular service. At BeingSeen360, we give you an honest approach to organic search engine optimization Chicago companies can benefit from for years. Our experts work together to ensure you receive quality content for your site that fits the algorithms needed to bump your site up onto the first page of Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

We aren’t like some organizations that are out their promising the moon and spectacular rankings overnight. The chances are good that the results you see right away will be amazing; however, unscrupulous SEO companies can use tactics that could get your site blacklisted. This is a disaster that you don’t want to happen, which is why it is so important that the search engine optimization Chicago businesses use is from a reputable company, like BeingSeen360. Please give us a call today to learn more. We would be happy to provide you with an estimate and use our techniques to get you results.

How visible is your site on the Search Engines?

Strategy, Paid Search, PPC, SEM

How visible is your site is on the Search Engines?

How to get started with PPC by Being Seen 360 Chicago SEO and Digital Marketing

There are many ways to market a business on the Internet today. But unquestionably, the most important to any business’s success is how visible that business is when potential customers perform searches related to their business’s products or services.

If you have an unlimited marketing budget and can afford to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on PPC, targeted marketing, etc., then stop reading now. You are one of the lucky ones and this would only be a waste of your time. But if you are like most business and need to get the most out of your marketing dollars, then please read on.

The Misconception

Very often people believe they have better organic visibility than they actually do. There are a number of reasons for this, but the two most common are:

  • Their location
  • How often they visit their own site.

Most users are unaware that two major influences in how a site is ranked are the location of the person performing the search in relation to the site and how often that person has viewed a site.


Searches using the same terms, but done in different locations, will produce different results. The closer a person is to a potential site, the more likely that site will have a favorable ranking. Most often if you are testing SEO results on your site, you are at your office and can’t get any closer than that. Results may look good at one location, but a few miles away could be producing much different results.

Serving up the sites you like:

Search engines save users habits in the forms of cache memory and/or cookies. They want to show people results that they like. One of the ways they determine this is how often you visit a site and the time you spend on that site. If you are visiting your site and spending time on it, the search engine will interpret this as you liking the site. Anytime you search a term that is relevant to your site, they will return your site at the top of the list.

These subconscious behaviors of search engines mislead people into thinking they have good organic rankings when in fact they don’t. People searching the same terms for the first time will not see the same results.

How do we overcome these obstacles?

Within our system, we are able to simulate different locations to gather data from. This allows us to test the same terms in different locations, giving us an overall look at a client’s visibility. Our system also does not allow the use of cache memory or cookies, so we see the same results a person searching the term for the first time sees.

What are Search Engines looking for?

In my 25 years of digital marketing, I don’t think one customer or potential customer has NOT asked me this question. Unfortunately, there is no one simple thing you can do to your site to get top rankings, however, we can sum up what they base their results on in one word: Relevance.

I could write 300 pages outlining how to make your site relevant, but in the end, you would most likely be confused and hire someone to do your SEO so I won’t waste your time but I will sum it up with three key points.

Key factors search engines look for when determining organic SEO

  • The relevance of your site to the word or phrase being searched.
  • The relevance of your location to the person performing the search.
  • The relevance of your site in relation to the search term, location and other sites offering the similar products, services, or information.

These are key factors in how the search engines determine the ranking in which sites are listed.

Why do you need our service?

There is no better form of marketing than Organic SEO. THERE IS NO OTHER FORM OF DIGITAL OR TRADITIONAL MARKETING that can produce the ROI that organic placements can. The problem is that there are a lot of companies out there claiming to know how to optimize your site. In reality, they are only taking your money without producing results.

Over the years I have tested sites that just about every SEO company out there has performed SEO on. Over 95% of the time the customer is wasting their money. Real SEO is hard and, unless you are monitoring your vendor effectively, you have no way of knowing if what they doing what they claim.

Bad SEO warning signs to look for:

  • High bounce rates in your stats.
  • Low average time spent on the site.
  • Your visits aren’t increasing with your rankings.
  • Low conversion rates on your traffic.
  • No notable difference is sales.

Good SEO will produce leads and sales. If your SEO isn’t increasing phone calls and walk-ins, you need to start looking at why.

How do we measure your SEO?

There is no one report that will tell you everything you need to know. The three reports I find most useful are:

  • Major Market Report.
  • Local Report.
  • Saturation Report.

Each of these reports will tell you different information, all of them are important if you want to be successful and outsell your competition.

Make sure you have all the pieces to the puzzle…

Very often when talking to a potential new client they tell me their SEO is great. They show me a report where they tested a few terms that their SEO provider gave them and they came up with a good ranking. I ask them, “do you know how well you competitors sites are ranked?” Almost always they tell me “no”. If you don’t know how well everyone else is doing, what are you measuring your success against?


Let’s say I test 50 terms in 10 different locations. That’s 500 tests. Your site comes back with first page results on 200 of the tests. If that’s all the information I gave you, you would most likely think that was great and move on to something else.

But what if I then told you your main competitor who has been out selling you is listed on 400 of the terms? I’ll bet you would want to do something about that.

Our “Major Market Report”

I call this my 30,000-feet report. It’s like flying over a city at 30,000 feet and looking down. It gives you a wide look at what is going on over a large area but does not have pin-point information.

This report takes key locations based on population in a general market. We then gather most, if not all, the companies selling the same products or services as our client in that major market. We select hundreds of key terms that potential customers use when looking for our client’s products or services and test their sites as well as their competitors’ sites. We compile this data into a report that shows our client their organic search engine visibility in comparison to their competitions.

The report will show you the following for Google, Bing, and Yahoo by website:

  • Number of terms with first page first position listings.
  • Number of terms with first page 2 to 5 position listings.
  • Number of terms with first page 6 to 9 position listings.
  • Visibility rating for all sites tested.

Our “Local Market Report”

The “Local Market Report” the same format as the “Major Market Report” but in a more condensed area. Testing all the local cities within a 5-mile radius of the business, we also test most, if not all, competitors within 30 miles of the client. This report not only tells you if you are visible locally, but it can often show you if a competitor is targeting your market.

Our “Saturation Report”

This report focuses on one website and 10 locations. It breaks out the information into a microscopic view of displaying exact hotspots and cold spots of your SEO visibility. The data can even be drilled down to specific products on a hotspot map.


Let’s say the client is a Ford dealer. This report would show the client what areas by model and city they have strong a visibility in compared to areas with a weaker presence. This would allow the client to adjust their SEO efforts focusing on the areas that help.

Another use for this report is if you have a competitor that is selling in your market. A report on that competitor would tell you if they have a strong SEO presence in your market, allowing you to take counter measures to reclaim your market share.

At Being Seen 360 we treat the SEO process like we’re building a house.

Automotive, Car Dealerships, Budgeting

At Being Seen 360 we treat the SEO process like we're building a house.

Step 1: Find the land

Establish if the client needs our services.

Believe it or not, some clients are not the best fit for us. Most times it is when the client is in a small market, selling physical goods, and has no local competition. Being Seen 360 believes that regardless of the market size, your website should have visibility on 50% of the terms. If not, then something has to change.

Even if a client is visible on 50% of the terms, many times we can provide a more cost-effective solution.

Step 2: Pour the foundation

Establish the keywords and/or competition you want to steal market share from.

Being Seen 360 runs a competitive landscape report, analyzing what keywords you rank for and which ones your competition ranks with. We look at that along with sales and market share to establish the keywords that are most essential to give your site a boost in the rankings on key search engines.

Step 3: Build the Rooms

Create the hierarchy in which pages will be built.

Like a house, SEO content should be built with strategy. The most important elements search engines look for are relevance and the relationship between the pages we build. As the pages or rooms get built, we want to make sure each one leads to another. Imagine going into a room in the house and not being able to get out. You wouldn’t like it and neither does Google.

Step 4: Put up the drywall

Establish interlinking between the pages.

In a house, the drywall and the hallways help guide you from room to room. Throughout the internet, that’s what interlinking does. Interlinking will guide search engines (and human users) from one page to the next. Interlinking helps establish credibility and relevance which assists in establishing strong SEO rankings. Interlinking must also have a strategy. Being Seen 360 has the experience to determine how many links should be done per number of words on a page and where the linking should occur.

How Do You Get Started with Pay Per Click?

Strategy, Paid Search, PPC, SEM

How Do You Get Started with Pay Per Click?

Local SEO by Being Seen 360 increases internet presence on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.

Strategies for a Successful Paid Search Campaign

Doing paid search for some dealerships may seem like you are throwing money into a cash register and never actually buying anything. The best way to avoid this is to walk before you run and work closely with your vendor to set a clear objective.

Paid search can be very effective and can be used:

  • When organic listings are dragging.
  • To increase digital visibility.
  • To combat competitions real estate on a page.
  • To increase conquest leads.

Step 1: Define Your Objective

Before you approach paid search define what you want it to accomplish and establish what you are willing to pay to reach that goal. A couple of examples of goals may be:

  • Go after your competition in the next town.
  • Increase leads at the end of the month with a big sales event.
  • Go after the subprime market.
  • Increase digital exposure in your Area of Responsibility (AOR).

Defining your objective will allow you and your vendor to create better targeted campaigns that actually produce results. There are many different objectives that can be created but the more defined it is the more likely you are to accomplish your goal without over spending.

Step 2: Keyword Targeting

Once you define your objective and your campaign you need to establish your keywords. There are many tools out there to do this but the most common one is probably Google Keyword Planner. The more refined your keyword list is the better audience you will attain and that will result in better results regarding leads and other website stats, like bounce rate.

Step 3: Develop Strong Messages

Too many dealers out there let vendors write their ads with no input from themselves. This will not get you all the way to where you want to be. Generic ads like “Get a Great Deal on A New Grand Cherokee” or “#1 Jeep Dealer in Nebraska” just isn’t strong enough. It is okay, but you can do better.

Think about it like you would if you were putting together a display ad or a newspaper ad. Try an ad with offers. “Grand Cherokee leases starting at $299/mo” or “Over 400 Grand Cherokees starting at $29,999.” These types of ads will make you stand out from the competition, if your offers are competitive.

The work doesn’t end there. The more targeted the page is that visitors click through to the better. It also provides a better quality score with Google. So if I was wanting to run ads for Grand Cherokees, I would have visitors click to a page with the offer reiterated on the landing page and a selection of Grand Cherokees to choose from. This makes the conversion to a lead go up dramatically. Sure it is a bit of work, but very worthwhile.

Step 4: Refinement

Once you establish your campaigns and begin to see the results you will then be able to refine keywords and ads. This is the most important part. Many dealers just set and forget. Analyze the keywords and the ads that are associated with them. Analyze the bounce rates, time on site (TOS), and leads they produce. When you refine the keywords and the ads you will then be able to work on making your efforts very efficient.

There is so much more to set up and analyze with paid search but this should give you a great start.

Dealerships: Improve ROI by Figuring Out Your Digital Marketing Budget

Automotive, Car Dealerships, Budgeting

Dealerships: Improve ROI by Figuring Out Your Digital Marketing Budget

Automotive Dealers have dramatically increased their spending in the digital space, however they still struggle with understanding what each digital entity is and does. Below are buckets of how we would recommend categorizing a digital marketing budget.

By understanding each category and applying the numbers you can then begin to apply other key metrics like web traffic, leads and solds in order to keep making your marketing more efficient and effective. We will review this more in detail at a later date.


Are you accounting for the total cost of your website? This includes costs such as hosting, feeds, maintenance, live chat staff, plug-ins like a finance or a trade-in app, and production charges.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be summed into website expenditures, but it’s a traffic generator and a tool of its own kind. What are you paying for SEO and content marketing to make your site visible organically over your competitors?

Search Engine Marketing

There are many different forms of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), but the most common these days are display ads and text ads. Display ads come in form of banners, side-bar blocks, rich media, and more. Text ads come in the form of sponsored listings displayed on top of organic results in search engines and correlate to specific keywords identified in your campaign. They all have one thing in common, you pay every time someone clicks on them. What are you spending in this category and do you know your ROI?

Third Party Listings

A website that you pay to list each individual new or used vehicle on. Examples include: Autotrader,, Carfax, Carguru, Edmunds, Craigslist, TrueCar

Manufacturer Leads

Leads that are generated either organically (not paid) or those that are purchased directly from the manufacturer. Examples include:, Kia Digital Third Party, Chrysler Digital, and event leads.

Digital Merchandising

Are you paying someone to take photos of your vehicles and write descriptions? Most dealerships charge this to sales, but we consider it a marketing cost. Photos and unique descriptions of each vehicle are a valuable marketing tool, as research indicates product listings with no images receive far less traffic than those with images.

Social Media

Did you know that 75% of car buyers say internet research including social media was the most helpful medium when selecting a dealership? What are you paying someone to manage your social media accounts like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc?

Reputation Management

Review services such as Yelp, Google, and Facebook were found to be even more helpful to consumers than social media sites when selecting a dealership to buy a new car from. Everyone has a bad day and everyone can get poor reviews, it’s what you do in response to a bad review that makes the difference. Are you paying for someone to manage your online reviews and reputation?

83% of service customers say online review sites substantially helped them in their dealership selection process.

By categorizing your digital budgets you can look at each category as a whole and make better decisions about what to test, what to keep and what to increase or decrease. Plus then you can get down to each source that makes up a category and use it to negotiate your rates.

Let us do the heavy lifting for you. Call us for a consultation at 708-403-9200 or email us at here.

Using On-Site Content to Drive Organic Listings

SEO, Content Marketing

Using On-Site Content to Drive Organic Listings

Results of the Zimmerman Honda SEO campaign from Being Seen 360, Chicago's top SEO agency


August 8, 2017


Zimmerman Honda


Chicago/Quad Cities, IL Automotive Dealerships

Primary Goals

  • Get Zimmerman Honda ranking with quality search engine optimization articles.
  • Improve on Zimmerman Honda’s almost non-existent beginning statistics with SEO content and outstanding keywords.
  • To obtain a fraction of the dealership’s biggest competitor’s business: Lujack Honda.
  • To allow BeingSeen360 get the top organic Google ranking in Chicago, IL and Quad Cities, IL for Zimmerman Honda and keep our promise of top search engine optimization services for car dealerships in Illinois.

Main Challenges

Being Seen 360 understood that a dealership with a low visibility ranking would have a lot of ground to make up. Being a top organic search engine optimization firm in Chicago, IL comes with the responsibility of providing results. At the beginning of this campaign SEO statistics were very low for Zimmerman Honda. As of January 1st 2012, search engine organic visibility ratings for Zimmerman Honda among all relevant terms were well below 5% on Google whereas Lujack Honda had over 40% visibility. Other search engines, such as Bing and Yahoo revealed similar results.


Map of geo-targeted SEO for Zimmerman Honda's car dealership SEO campaign

By testing Zimmerman Honda’s overall Google ranking in specific market areas and in relation to their competitors, we were able to target our campaign to improve their rankings in weaker areas and create specific goals for each market area.

 Being Seen 360, an organization that provides top search engine optimization services for car dealerships in Illinois and is a most effective search engine optimization agency in Chicago, IL always aims to get the top organic Google ranking in Chicago, IL for our customers, or in our client’s relevant market areas. This was what we set out to do for Zimmerman Honda. Our digital marketing and search engine marketing strategies were used along with our SEO talents to achieve this goal.

Our Research

We looked over Zimmerman Honda’s search engine organic visibility numbers based on our initial report conducted in 2012 and set out on an aggressive campaign to improve upon these rankings, so that Zimmerman Honda would be a well-known competitor in their market area. Our aggressive SEO campaign focused on content marketing and on-site optimization. We focused our efforts on creating high quality keyword-rich content that would get the website ranking in regards to keywords that were frequently used by auto customers to perform searches.

In addition, Being Seen 360 also focused on how to increase organic Google ranking in Chicago, IL for Zimmerman Honda from the most effective search engine optimization agency in Chicago, IL. Moreover, Being Seen 360 also honed in on particular sub-markets within the dealer’s Quad City market to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses deeper within their market. We then targeted those strengths and weaknesses with more specified campaign strategy and goals.

The Results

720% Visibility Increase

Testing over 3500 keywords to detemine overall relevance to their market, Zimmerman Honda’s website increased their front page visibility from less than 10% to over 80%

New Facility

To meet the increase in demand to their dealership during our campaign, Zimmerman Honda built a massive, brand new facility.

Outranked Top Competitor

By the end of our campaign, Zimmerman Honda heavily out-performed the competitor they wished to be merely “within a stone’s throw” one day.

Before and after Being Seen 360's Search Engine Optimization extremely successful campaign for Zimmerman Honda car dealership

The results from our digital marketing and search engine marketing techniques were quite stunning to say the least in the case of Zimmerman Honda. A mid-term report revealed that Zimmerman Honda soared to over a 70% visibility ranking via Google. Yahoo and Bing numbers also increased significantly. At this point alone, Zimmerman Honda was outranking their biggest competitor Lujack Honda and all of the associated secondary competition websites.

By the end of the campaign, Being Seen 360’s search engine optimization (SEO) abilities gave Zimmerman Honda a visibility rating over 80%! Lujack Honda was only achieving slightly over 30% at this time while other secondary competitive websites fell below 10% on Google. These large competitors fell in rankings due to our very aggressive and successful campaign. Similar numbers from Bing and Yahoo revealed the same.

Being Seen 360 definitely showed how to get the top organic Google ranking in Chicago, IL. This case study also shows how to increase organic Google ranking in Chicago, IL. Being the most effective search engine optimization agency in Chicago, IL is not easy. It requires a team effort to get a website ranking where it needs to be. Zimmerman Honda was extremely pleased with these incredible results. In fact, the dealer was able to construct a brand new facility to meet their increased customer demand and grew their business exponentially.

About Being Seen 360

If you are looking for the best organic search engine optimization firm in Chicago, IL, Being Seen 360 should be your top choice. Our SEO, digital marketing and search engine marketing abilities get the results your company needs. We will implement a campaign with targeted goals for your company. We work with you to show you how to increase organic Google ranking in Chicago, IL. Our company offers top search engine optimization services for car dealerships in Illinois. We are ready to assist you with your SEO goals today.