Choosing whether you’d benefit more from SEO vs PPC Marketing depends on your business goals. BeingSeen360 can show you that the choice for short-term targeting of high-competition keywords would be PPC (pay-per-click advertising). While this strategy can aid your SEO (search engine optimization) campaigns and strategy, it can also be costly. You pay every time a user clicks on your link or ad. On the other hand, SEO supports long-term goals, utilizing low-competition keywords that continue to return results for as long as your website is live.

At BeingSeen360, we constantly analyze data from your past campaigns, website traffic, customer databases, and search engine result pages. We can create a business plan focused on increasing sales and brand awareness within a specific group of consumers based on demographics, behavior, geographic factors, and online search habits. With SEO (search engine optimization), you can target your audience exactly where they are in the sales funnel. PPC, or pay-per-click advertising, helps your business stay competitive in the online market and get in front of target consumers quickly when you lack the strategies to get your site ranking organically on search engines. That’s where BeingSeen360 can help your website gain more traffic by ranking your site for the keywords you want with SEO rather than paying for them with PPC.

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Organic listings perform much better than PPC because once an organic listing is obtained, you come up every time those search words or phrases are typed in. PPC listings rotate in and out of position based on budget and demand. People also click on organic listings more than they do PPC listings. Stay in the top results and gain visibility over your competitors with BeingSeen360’s proven SEO marketing strategies. The better your organic visibility, the less you need to spend on PPC/ Sponsored listings. The traffic SEO marketing can generate is organic and free.

Our sales-focused approach confirms that the additional traffic we generate to your website will be customers interested in your product or service. While PPC (pay-per-click) advertising shouldn’t be your primary goal for online exposure, SEO (search engine optimization) should be. Contact BeingSeen360 today, and let us get you up and running with an effective SEO strategy.

SEO VS PPC Marketing

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