If your digital marketing firm isn’t doing this, they’re doing something wrong.

1. Site Analysis

Search engines take thousands of factors into consideration while indexing your website. Making certain minor changes allow search engines to accurately index your website and see all you have to offer.

2. Target Your Market

Location is a huge factor in developing your digital marketing strategy. By identifying the market areas you want to target, we then develop hundreds of “long-tail” keywords that are relevant to your products, services, and region.

3. Market Research

It’s difficult to win a race without seeing your competitors. The same goes for digital marketing. By running the same analysis on your competitors’ internet visibility as we do for yours, you’ll get a true sense of your standing among your entire market.

4. Benchmark

By determining your targeted market, internet visibility, and your competitors’ internet visibility, you now have a 360-degree benchmark to analyze growth throughout your campaign. From here, the only thing that will change these results is successful SEO and digital marketing.

5. Your Goal & Plan

Taking all of the above into consideration, you now have the base to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy which is tailored strictly to your individual business goals.

6. Deployment

With a plan in place and goals on the horizon, deployment of your campaign is just the beginning of your digital marketing experience.

7. Tracking

All too often this is where firms kick their feet back and collect your monthly check. Carefully tracking analytics from your website, continuing to run reports on your competitors, and strategic redevelopment of your campaign are just a few of the ongoing practices that are necessary for your success.