Your 360-degree digital marketing plan

Our digital marketing strategies come together to offer a 360-degree approach to your campaign. From our expert content marketing, to in-depth site analysis, paired with analytics unmatched by any of our competitors, we provide your business with the best and most effective SEO campaign possible.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

We are the data driven SEO experts. Our strategies centralize around improving your business’s online relevance to the products and services you provide. We accomplish this through a number of specified methods which can target specific products, services, model lines, and geographic area – from rural to large metropolitan markets and any sub-markets within them, such as suburbs or neighborhoods.

SEO isn’t a guessing game. Every action that we take is backed by rigorous data analysis that we compile directly from the source, the search engines themselves. With so many different variables available from SEO analytical tools, it’s easy for other SEO firms to skew data that may paint a different picture than what your actual conversions are. If your campaign isn’t producing leads and conversions, we know something is wrong and we’ll have the data to fix it.

SEO isn’t about search engines, it’s about user experience and customer engagement. A successful SEO campaign improves your rankings which simultaneously improving the user experience of your website; because that’s what search engine algorithms are designed to value.

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SEM: Search Engine Marketing

SEM traditionally refers to the overarching category of digital marketing focused on search engines. While some companies use SEO and SEM interchangeably, we refer to SEM to cover any paid search listings such as PPC, cost per impression, and paid ad placement.

Google AdWords is largely considered the most popular paid search platform, with social network platforms like Facebook Ads quickly rising. Built on user data-rich platforms, Google AdWords and Facebook Ads offer unparalleled targeting tools.

The powerful analytics of paid search management allow for us to track customer behavior from initial engagement to transaction. This knowledge helps us continually redevelop campaigns to be cost effective and ultimately successful.

Targeted Marketing

Targeted marketing should be at the forethought of any digital marketing campaign. We are constantly analyzing data from past campaigns, website traffic, customer databases, and search engine result pages to further our ability to track customers along demographic, behavior, geographic factors as well as previous transactions and lifestyle.

With SEO, we target specific markets relationally to products or services using our proprietary reporting technology, geoSEO. With this, we identify the strengths and weaknesses of long-tail keywords in all of your business’s market areas.

For SEM, we utilize many different methods to track customers and retarget them most efficiently, such as on-site cookies, burn pixels, and web beacons. This results in the right customers seeing the most relevant call to action at the perfect time to convert them.

Local SEO by Being Seen 360 increases internet presence on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.


We commit ourselves to driving every decision with unbiased data that steers your campaign. In our never-ending pursuit of analytical excellence, we are continuously developing our industry leading reports to view data scraped directly from search engines in ways that impact your bottom line.

Our reports give you a complete 360-degree view of your digital footprint in comparison to your top competitors. Not only do we analyze your website and search presence, but we also study your competitors, because after all, there can only be one top result on Google.

Social Media Marketing

It’s no question the importance the mobile searches play in digital marketing today. Nearly 50% of consumers being research on search engines for a product or service and nearly 80% of local-mobile searches resulted in an in-person or over-the-phone purchase. If you’re a retail or hospitality business, these are vital statistics to consider when developing your marketing strategy.

Local SEO by Being Seen 360 increases internet presence on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.