Game Plan

Digital marketing is all about having a plan and understanding what works best for your business. We tailor an individual digital marketing strategy to each one of our clients, but before developing your plan, it’s important to understand the many aspects of modern digital marketing.

SEM: Search Engine Marketing

Organic SEO

Organic SEO is a highly sophisticated, long-term tactic which uses a combination of methods to build relevance and earn your website a top listing without paying for every click.


Content, keywords, interlinking, page speed, mobile optimization, and site structure are just a few of the methods we utilize to make your website more relevant.

Leads > Traffic

Too many SEO firms promise seemingly impressive traffic but make no mention of actual converions.

According to Google, 50% of local searches resulted with an in-store visit within one day. We target local searches by integrating your relevance to your location.

Strict and unbiased analysis is the backbone of any SEO campaign. Without a proper benchmark and unmodified status reports, your campaign is blind.

Pay Per Click

Seed money optimized for social sharing chatvertizing brand awareness granular thought leadership. Engagement tweens native content drone.

Short Term

Pay Per Click is most cost effective for short term campaigns such as promotional events,sales, and temporary products or services.


By aggregating data on how people behave on your site, we can target certain actions and present ads to those who are most likely to convert after recently visiting.

Conversion Critical

To ensure your PPC campaign remains cost effective, continuous monitoring of metrics like cost-per-click, cost-per-lead, and return-on-ad-spending is vital.


We rigorously test which terms deliver the most leads with the lowest cost per lead. A strong PPC campaign is a constant cycle of data analysis and redevelopment.

EMAIL Campaigns

Local SEO by Being Seen 360 increases internet presence on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.
As click and open rates for emails steadily decline, more effective forms of email campaigns have become superior to traditional email blasts. Garnering a subscriber base is important, but strategically targeting those subscribers with specific content at the right time leads to, on average, twice the unique click rate.

Social Media

Certain industries can substantialy benefit from social media campaigns, while for others it can be a fruitless effort. Through our research and experience, the industries that tend to benefit most through successful social media campaigns are:

  • Entertainment
  • Restaurants
  • Travel And Hospitality
  • Fashion
  • Recruiting
  • Legal
  • Other B2C Retail

Social Media can be an incredibly powerful tool that many busineses have leveraged to create unbelieveable ROI and brand recognition.

Social Media marketing by Being Seen 360 can expand your business into the modern world of marketing online


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Similar to Social Media campaigns, the benefits of marketing through portals such as eBay, Craigslist, Amazon, and others are confined to certain industries. Resellers of new and used products can benefit from the massive user base that these portals have to offer, such as car dealers, auction houses, and equipment resellers.