Mobile devices (excluding tablets) generated about 58.67 percent of global website traffic as of 2023. That statistic alone shows how important mobile optimization is for your site. Call Being Seen360 in Tinley Park, IL, to guarantee that your website is designed with mobile users in mind.

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Mobile SEO is the process of optimizing your site so that it ranks higher in relevant search engine results on mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, and delivers a better experience to mobile users. Mobile optimization is important on your site, and Being Seen360 is in Tinley Park, IL, to help configure your website for mobile devices. There are three ways to accomplish this task. Responsive design – this will allow you to serve the same page to mobile and desktop users. This method is a win-win for SEO because it allows mobile and non-mobile users to share pages and links to your content with a single URL. You won’t need to deal with duplicate content issues or redirects that can slow down your site; instead, you can create one responsive page for each piece of content. Being Seen360 can save you a ton of time setting up mobile optimization. You also won’t have to worry about the design of responsive pages because the layout will always adjust to different devices accordingly.

Dynamic service is another important mobile optimization method that Being Seen360 can employ in Tinley Park, IL. This method shows a different HTML on the user’s device; however, the URL doesn’t change. It’s the same content being served with different code to the different devices. The third, not-so-popular, recommended method is to set up different URLs for your desktop and mobile site users. You can count on Being Seen360 to utilize and implement the best practices for your website to meet your company’s objectives and goals. The importance of mobile optimization of most websites goes without question in today’s world. Smartphones are everywhere, and nearly everyone you try to reach has one. True mobile optimization means looking at site design, structure, page loading speed, assets, and user experience. It’s a practice that Being Seen360 follows to ensure that mobile users are more apt to connect to your page, and it increases the chances of your visitors engaging more and for longer time frames with the pages on your site.

Being Seen360 in Tinley Park, IL, can show you why mobile optimization is important on your site for all of your digital marketing efforts. Some things to consider for your marketing strategy to get the most impact from your websites include thinking about SEO, page speed, having Being Seen360 change the development of your page design, keeping your reach local, and using relevant titles and meta descriptions. This can be a time-consuming effort for your marketing team. Being Seen360 can improve your website’s mobile compatibility and structure, increase your website conversion rate, and grow your sales! Whether you are an artist, or in the automotive, hospitality, or medical field, own a retail or small business, and more, Being Seen360 can offer unmatched experience in Content Marketing, Local and Targeted SEO, Onsite SEO, and Analytics to ensure your website and mobile optimization efforts are successful. Let the team review your current setup, goals, and website and ensure it is 100% mobile optimized. We can build websites with different design elements and layouts depending on the device being viewed, customized to match your business. Being Seen360 is here to show you and your marketing team the importance of mobile optimization in Tinley Park, IL.

Mobile Optimization Is Important on Your Site, Call Being Seen360 Tinley Park IL

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