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Local SEO by Being Seen 360 increases internet presence on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.

What can BeingSeen360 due for your business? Well, if you are trying to sell your products or services in Chicago, you need more than just a website. The reality is that people are more likely to visit your establishment if they find you on the first page of the search engine listings Chicago residents perform before they buy. It doesn’t matter what type of business you have. The chances are good that your potential customers are searching online for your product or service before they make the decision of where to go.

It has been proven by a variety of studies, including our own analysis (specifically for car dealerships), that the higher search engine listings Chicago companies have the bigger the sales. So where does BeingSeen360 come into the picture? It’s simple. We are experts at getting our client’s website to rank at the top on the big three search engines: Google, Bing, and Yahoo. There are a lot of businesses out there that are very aware of the importance of an online presence that is easily visible to potential customers on the first page of a search. However, many of these companies are spending thousands of dollars paying for ads on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. to show up on the important first page.

BeingSeen360 wants you to know that there is a better way. In fact, the problem with buying ads on search engines is really three-fold. First, you will always have to purchase the ads. When you don’t buy the ads, the search engine listings Chicago residents will find will be your competition. This means less traffic to your site and more business for the other guy or gal. This translates into lower sales. The second issue with this method is “are you focusing your money on the right keywords to drive the most traffic to your site?” This is tricky. If you want ads for the most popular search terms, be prepared to pay the exuberant price to be at the top of the page. Finally, you may be paying for ads that aren’t providing you with the search engine listings Chicago traffic that’s right for your website. No matter how you look at it, buying ads on search engines is a costly endeavor, but BeingSeen360 has a more proficent way.

At BeingSeen360, we take a better approach. We analyze your market and work to improve your organic search results using a multitude of keyword articles, so you can get the biggest impact. Once you have an article on your site, it is there working for you until you decide to remove it. This means the search engine listings Chicago residents get will include your organization, because the article is driving traffic to your site. Because the article remains on your site, you continue to reap the benefits of that search term for years. Is there a catch? Yes and no. The article will slowly lose its impact on the search engine, because it will start to be considered “outdated.”

This is why BeingSeen360 continues to include new material for our customers that use our search engine listings Chicago services. Our experts will create a plan for your organization that includes keeping your content fresh, focusing on the right keywords, and covering all of the bases. By covering all of the bases, we mean that we will go beyond the most common search engine terms and phrases. BeingSeen360 will work with you to drive business to your website based on your current focus. If you want to bring in business from a specific neighborhood or city, we can work on search engine listings Chicago customers from those regions. Give us a call today to learn more about how BeingSeen360 can help you get the organic rankings you want for your website.

Search Engine Listings Chicago

Dave Apps

Dave has been located in Chicago his entire life and has grown up in the car business. From mechanic to general manager, he moved on to start Apps Communications over 20 years ago as the expert on all things Internet for car dealers. Since then, Apps Communications has grown to service businesses large and small in nearly every industry of the private sector.